FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I have all my amalgam (silver) fillings replaced with white fillings?
A: Amalgam fillings are still the strongest, most permanent restorations for the molar (back) teeth.  However, where the fillings are smaller and able to be seen, white fillings are quite satisfactory.

Q: Are x-rays necessary?
A: We take x-rays every 4-5 years of the back teeth on average.  To enable us to diagnose decay between teeth and under existing fillings.  Additional x-rays may be needed occasionally to diagnose other problems.

Q: Why do I always need so many fillings?
A: Our goal is to return your mouth into a healthy mouth and show you how to look after your teeth and gums.  Fillings in the future (if any) will be small and few and you need to be seen regularly for maintenance only.

Q: How is my health safeguarded at your practice?
A: We are infection control certified and have the most modern sterilising area and equipment and procedures to ensure cross infection cannot occur.